About Us

After many trips to the hospital and many painful condition that both me and my wife had to battle with I feel like I need to share my knowledge.

This site was created to help everyone in the the world that is suffering from one pain of one type or another, as well as on ways they can take action and heal themselves, or at the least better understand what they are dealing with. This site was first created for the better understanding of different types of abdominal, stomach, and back pains, but in time has evolved into a complete health & body care website. In essence becoming pain free!

Before you can cure any type of pain, regardless of where it is radiating from, you would first have to know why it started and where is the root cause of it. Too many people ignore their pains, or tough it out, when in fact they should be listening to it. After all pain is the body’s alarm system. You wouldn’t ignore your home alarm if it went off, so why should you ignore your body’s?

We have hand written many articles to help you understand the full process of many types of pains and how to resolve them on your own. A few topics, like back pains, are more frequently addressed since they are more common among the population and more debilitating in nature in general.

If you have questions or just want to contact us, please do. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Above all, feel free to browse our site, or search for a topic to get started on the healing journey by yourself.