Facts About Nausea After Eating

Nausea is not only a painful and an uncomfortable feeling. It is also a symptom of a dangerous and possibly a deadly illness. Are you experiencing nausea after dinner? Don’t worry yet. It could be a simple problem.

The best you can do is to be personally examined by a licensed doctor. This will help you understand the root cause of your situation and get medication as well.

What causes nausea after eating lunch?

There are many possible causes why you are feeling nauseated. Psychological problem is one of the common reasons.

As old folks say, it’s all in the mind. It could be stress or anxiety. Some individuals often worry that they will get sick and the body responses by feeling ill.

Another example is a person suffering from anorexia. After eating, the individual will have a strong urge to vomit making him nauseous.

Allergies related to hives can also lead to nausea after meals. Taking drugs and other types of medication for allergy can cause indigestion. This happens to people who have a sensitive stomach.

The safest way to remedy this problem is to ask the doctor to change the brand of drugs being taken by the patient. The best alternative medication will be decided by the physician.

Are you pregnant?

Did you know that you can also experience nausea after meals? Aside from having specific food requests, pregnant women are also very sensitive to stressful situations.

The reason behind this is unknown, but studies show that it may be related to hormonal changes. If you’re expecting to be a mother soon, expect to experience nausea in the morning and also after meals. It’s normal. If you’re worried, contact your doctor.

Indigestion is also a common reason for nausea. Bloating or the feeling of being full in the abdominal region can lead to being nauseous and uncomfortable. This is due to excessive production of acidic saliva in the stomach.

Having a good eating habit and balance diet will ease the condition. Being physically active is another healthy remedy to avoid indigestion.


Boy is sitting down to recover from from his nausea.

How do you get rid of nausea?

Simple and inexpensive remedies are available depending on the root cause. Avoid thinking about problems too much.

Stop thinking about stressful issues that could lead to psychological illness. Keep a positive mindset and focus your energy instead on how to obtain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Remember, taking care of your mental and emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical health. The body is also responding to whatever is in your mind.

If allergy is causing the nausea, it’s best to stay away from foods that trigger the allergic reaction. Stop consumption of specific dishes that could make the condition worse.

Allergy is not always easy to cure. Nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables will help maintain your health. Ask your doctor or a nutritionist about the foods that you should avoid and should consume.

If you’re pregnant, be extra careful in your diet plan and do not prepare it without consulting a doctor. Nausea due to pregnancy is unavoidable.

The only thing that you can do is to take plenty of rest and maintain a strict diet. Don’t take any kind of drug and never self-diagnose. Nausea is a normal part of being pregnant.

pain from nausea after eating

Girl is resting from the discomfort is is experiencing.

It happens during the first trimester. After a few months, the symptoms will gradually disappear. Be patient and always visit your gynecologist.

In cases where poor digestion is the reason for nausea, such as if you are diagnosed with¬†Gastroparesis, it’s best to stay active and perform morning exercises. Avoid riding in vehicles that make you dizzy.

Instead, try to walk short distances everyday. This will condition your body to become more active. Take note though that you should not force yourself to perform heavy and strenuous exercises.

Gradually, with the help of a trainer, try simple exercising activities like jogging and stretching. After some time, you will notice that the symptoms of nausea will go away and your body will be healthier.

Overall, eating right, being active and visiting your physician regularly are the best defense against nausea after eating. Don’t wait for the symptoms to get worse. Start doing these tips today.

Avoiding it all starts with living healthy, avoiding stress and other things that can cause you anxiety. Also, stay away from cigarette and other forms of addiction.