Lower Left Back Pain Causes & Relief Exercises

As we grow older everyone experiences some level of back aches from time to time. But none are as painful and persistent as a lower left back pain in men and women.

While there are many causes of back pain, some are more serious than others. If you experience such pains, it is wise to think about what activities you were engaged in prior to experiencing the discomfort.

Tracing back your steps can help in determining what caused it in the first place and thus helping you in find the right back pain relief for it.

More often than not, this sort of pain is brought upon from an unusual activity or overexertion which is responsible for the symptoms you have.

Minor Causes of Pain In The Left Side

Most causes of back pain are minor. People who are more active on the weekends, than during the workweek, tend to overexert themselves in recreational activities, leading to muscle sprains and strains.

It is common to feel some stiffness or tightness in the low back after physical exertion, especially if the activity doesn’t occur on a regular basis.

To avoid sprain or strain of the back, stretch for ten to fifteen minutes before physical activity. This helps loosen muscles and increases range of motion from the hips and spine.

For regular weekend sporting activities, it may be worthwhile to take some time from the midweek routine, to practice and participate in strengthening exercises.

This can be done with any type of equipment that offers resistance, such as weight machines at a gym or stretch bands at home.

Another common causes of lower left back pain is extreme change in temperature. Sometimes an individual will go from the hot outdoors to an air conditioned room, and begin to experience muscle cramping or aching in the lower back muscles. Cooling down properly after exercise or exertion outdoors can prevent this from occurring.

Heavy lifting is another common cause of low back discomfort. When lifting, it is important to use proper body mechanics. A supportive back brace can also help prevent strain, while lifting.


Woman laying in bed with a bad back holding her left side.

Most jobs have limitations on the amount of weight to be lifted without assistance.

The same principles should apply at home. Taking the time to buy or rent wheeled carts, dollies, and hand trucks can prevent the pain of overexertion.

Major Causes of Back Pain

Major causes of pain in the lower back, on either side, include kidney stones, bulging disc, and other spinal malfunctions. A kidney stone can be serious, if it causes a complete blockage of the urinary tract.

This can lead to infection, which causes pain and inflammation in the abdomen and lower back. It is usually treated by drinking plenty of fluids, unless the stone is too large to pass.

In that case, a specialist may try to dissolve the stone with medication or break it up with ultrasonic vibration. This might sound expensive, but with a proper health insurance plan the cost will reduce significantly.

A bulging disc is serious and requires immediate attention. Usually, the individual will experience pain on one side of the lower back and may also experience burning or sting pain down the leg.

Some treatments for a bulging disc may include physical therapy and/or surgery. Pain relief and mobility are two goals of treating this condition.

Recovery from this type of issue is usually long and slow, though many people are able to completely recover if they continue with the therapy.

back rub

Man getting a back rub to relieve his back ache.

Any problem with the spine, including discs and spinal nerves, has the potential to cause severe pain. It is important, when seeking medical attention for such a condition, to explain exactly where the pain is and where it radiates.

It is also important to mention when the pain began and which activities precipitated the pain. A primary physician will usually refer a patient to a neurologist or spine specialist, if a serious injury is suspected.

Other Causes & Relief Exercises

Urinary tract infection and pregnancy are minor causes of this type of pain in women (lower back pain on left side only). Pregnancy causes the ligaments and tendons surrounding the lower abdomen and hips to stretch, which may lead to pain.

The separation of the pelvis may also cause discomfort. Usually, the pain subsides within a few weeks after the delivery of the baby.

Urinary tract infection can cause pain on one side or both, depending on the location. It is often treated with cranberry juice, though an infection may require antibiotics.

Pain comes from spasms and inflammation. It will usually subside when the infection is treated.

There are many other reasons you may experience discomfort in the lower back. They can range from minor muscle strains, to serious disc problems in the spine, as well as infections or obstructions from kidney stones that we mentioned above.

Consulting a physician is always a good idea for lower left back pain relief that would last more than a couple days.

But from my own experience two of the quickest ways to get relief is:

  1. Static Back with about 60 Pillow Squeeze (5 to 10 minutes)
  2. Followed by Egoscue’s Supine Groin Progressive in the Tower (10 minutes on each side on the top level will do)

You can also watch this 7 minute video for a few other exercises that will help you get better quickly: